Tuesday, October 20, 2015

over a year later,,,,

yup. over a year. oops! haha

Well, since my last post we sadly lost another baby due to miscarriage. It was heartbreaking and horrible, but we were excited when a month later we found out we were expecting again! Lily Faith was born on August 26th and has been another wonderful addition to our precious family. She is sweet and content, which is exactly what we needed since we started school full swing a couple weeks later. 
I am just so in awe each day at all of these little blessings running around my house. Some days have been very, VERY, overwhelming and on those days I get back in bed, cry, eat pumpkin muffins, then get up and move on;) Liily is almost 2 months old now and we are getting in a great routine! The 4 older ones are doing great in school and Lily pretty much sleeps all day still. If I could only figure out what to do with the 2 year old, I'd be set! Anyways- that was my little update. Hoping to get back at this blog because it was a nice little stress reliever for me. So....see ya soon! maybe...